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Nadia Shay

33 Yrs, United States

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Mini Bio

Nadia Shay
(nah-dee-ah-SHAY), noun:
1. A sassy, classy, highly-educated lassie with a knockout smile.
2. A woman after your own heart, will have you laughing and stroking simultaneously.
3. According to 23andMe, 48.6% Eastern European (Lithuanian/Russian/Polish), 25.5% British/Irish, 14.6% French/German, 6% Greek and 5.3% Finnish.

Hi all, I'm Nadia. I'm a happy, down to earth girl with a heart of gold and some bangin' curves.
Are you here to have some naughty fun while helping a deserving hot girl pay down her student debt?
Obviously, my dude!

So here's the thing:
This is my outlet, a way for me to have fun, get off and relieve stress. With that being said, I'm up for pretty much anything.
Private chats are for stripping, dirty talk and teasing. VIP chats are...less restrictive.
Your suggestions and input are welcome, but I have the final say. ;)
If you have any specific requests or fetishes, just ask! I don't bite (unless you're into that...)

I no longer have a wishlist, but I DO love GIFT CARDS! Please send to and mention it's for Nadia Shay :)
All purchases will be rewarded with a personalized pic or video set, depending on the amount.

(for those wondering, I was previously on CWH and have been on a 5 year camgirl hiatus a.k.a. LOTS OF SHIT happened in my life and I needed to get it together. So if you think I look familiar, you're right ;) )
****This profile will be SUPER SUPER under construction for a while, as I take pics and add content.****


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    United States

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    131 - 140 lbs

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    Wed, 2 Oct 2019

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